Elevating platform cart Code: 0785CAA816053
Elevating platform cart and installations Code: 0785CAA815961

SCHEDA 2703_carrello piattaforma-REV0 11-2012


The platform cart is constituted by a standard Nuova Manaro liftable refueling platform mounted on a cart with two axles in carbon steel of which one is equipped with suitable swing bearing and pivoting drawbar for towing; bending the drawbar to operate the parking brake.

Access to the platform is made of a rear access ladder with galvanized grating steps and tubular steel handrails. 

The handling of the 4 feet stabilizers and the platform is performed by means of a hydraulic unit with a 24 V electrical system. This system is powered by a suitable battery pack or, alternatively, by means of the socket which connects the cart to the electrical system of the towing vehicle. The system is equipped with a suitable twin socket to recharge the batteries.


Technical Specifications

The platform is equipped with EC declaration of conformity, it is suitable for use with N. 2 people on board (maximum load 250 kg), and has the following characteristics:

- Nominal dimensions of 1.00 x 2.20 m operational plan.
- Planking level grid built into the mobile part.
- 1.10 m high fixed protective railing and 150 mm high foot guard board
- The platform has a height that ranges from a minimum of 1 meter to a maximum of 4.20 meters.
- It’s possible to keep the platform in all intermediate positions.
- The hydraulic control unit with integrated tank is equipped with a safety valve and emergency operation.
- The control device is wireless and controls the positioning of the stabilizer feet, the lowering of the stabilizer feet, the rising and lowering of the platform; it is also possible to operate the controls by the panel located on the control unit.

The platform is accompanied by CE certificate.

The platform cart is also available completed with system with hoses.

Technical Specifications

- N.1 2"½ ELAFLEX hose HD63C-LT for refueling from the platform, 2m length, suitable for fuel Jet A1 according to API 1529 C & EN 1361, latest edition, pressure (20) Kg / cm ² and tested to (40) kg / cm ². N. 1 pressure refuelling nozzle 2"½ Carter,  Model 64348 CDEF4Z6K will be installed at the end of the hose. (T = -40 ° C)
- N.1 3" rigid pipe made ​​of stainless steel connected at one end to the refueling hose in the platform and on the other side to a refueling coupler type ISO 45 placed to the side of the scale in a position easily accessible from the ground.
- N.1 small recovery tank connected to the rigid pipe for the pressure relief of the pipe due to any changes in temperature.

On special request we can supply the cart platform in the configuration with two lines of supply.

Different material refuelling couplers are available on specific request.

Low temperatures configurations are available
(-40 ° C <T <+50 ° C).

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