code: 0785PHA815892
(replace: 0785PHA810679)



The shock absorber is suitable for the installation on vehicles used in the refuelling field; it avoids over-pressure problems which may arise during refuelling operations.

Nuova MANARO shock absorber is planned and built to store and return the pressurised liquid at any time. Its operation is based on the difference of compressibility between gas and fluid material.

The shock absorber is preloaded with air at a pressure P; when this pressure is outweighed in the equipment (caused by the sudden closing of a valve), the air is compressed in order to release the exceeding pressure gradually so that brisk pressure variations in the equipment are avoided.

Technical features

NUOVA MANARO shock absorber is composed by:

High resistance steel cylinder with an internal protection treatment;
Aluminium piston with gaskets in VITON;
Pneumatic connection complete with gauge and tap.

The shock absorber is built according to ASME regulations.

The shock absorber can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Pressure test: 22 bar.
Working temperature: from -40°C to 50°C.

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