Code: 0785PCI815118

SCHEDA 2360_test_manichette-REV 09-2011


The in force rules and standards prescribe that aviation hose are checked and tested on a regular basis to ensure that working hoses are not damaged in order to prevent failures.

The Nuova MANARO equipment is the most useful and efficient solution to perform the six-monthly pressure hose test.

The hose pressurisation is performed by an handle pump. The connection to the aviation hose is through a flexible hose 5 m long collected in an appropriate hose-holder. A pressure gauge allows the pressure monitoring, once the pressure reach the test level the operator close the manual valve in order to maintain the pressure level.

The equipment is fitted with a 20 l reservoir with quick adapter connection and cap for filling operation and a draining valve.

To allows easy movements the equipment is fitted with an handle bar and is mounted on spark-proof wheels, one of them with brakes.

Technical features

Outlet connection
Reservoir capacity
Overall dimension

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