Code: 0785XCI813513



The electronic FAFNIR control box, type LS-500-S, is mounted inside the chassis’ cab and it is protected with a stabilizing device of tension at the input entrance (24Vdc).

The box is connected to a remote panel that is placed  close to the driver and in which it is located:

n.1 emergency switch;
n.1 power on green spy;
n.1 orange spy for anomaly;
n.1 red spy for overfill function.

A FAFNIR overfill switch, type LS 300, in execution IP-67 EEx-ia connected to the box in the cabin side, is fitted in the higher zone of the tank.

In proximity of the loading couplers it is fitted a remote control switch that detaches the connection mass to the pumps when the “overfill” device get on.

Jointly to this remote control switch placed near of the refuelling cabinet it takes part also an acoustic device.

The system has an automatic input only during the bottom loading operation.

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