Manual rewinding earthing reel : 0785XBA815186
Automatic spring rewinding earthing reel Code : 3252XBA002

Earthing reel special clamp Code : 8888XBC003



The reel is used to allow the equipotential link between the airplane and the vehicle with fuelling equipment on the ground during fuelling operations. The reel is easy to use and it allows to storage the foot cable in compact way, a special bracket provide an easy winding.
The reel is strong, resistant to sever weather conditions, simple cable change, excellent electric conductivity even after thousands of operations.

Technical features

The bonding reel is composed by:

Rubber-coated steel cable with a 30-metre length.
Crocodile clamp.
Manual rewinding.
Resistance less than 10 ohm.

Automatic spring rewinding version is avialable.

A special aluminium alloy earthing clamp is available as optional.


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