Code : 0785XCI813441

SCHEDA 5301_interlock-REV 09-2011


The interlock is a microprocessor electronic system, fitted in the vehicle cab, which controls and signals the eventual anomalies in the positions of the mobile mechanical parts involved in the refuelling operations.

When the vehicle doesn’t carry out the refuelling, the interlock continuously checks that the hatches, the hoses and all other components used in the refuelling are correctly housed in the rest position, showing on a liquid crystal display (LCD) the noticed anomalies.

If there is an irregular situation, besides the irregularity visualisation on the display, a flash lamp and a sound alarm, both placed in the driver cab, are activated and the vehicle remains braked.

If there are more than one irregular situation at the same time, the relative messages are automatically shown on the display unit, in a sequence one after the other.

If every thing is regular, on the display unit an “OK” message is shown.

The system is fitted with a sealed button which allows to override or to disengage the brakes, for example in case an immediate start is necessary.

The system is completely electronic and it replaces all the pneumatic parts previously used.

The condition survey of the mechanical parts which are checked is carried out through inductive proximity sensing devices, type NAMUR, certified EEX-d.


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