SWIVELS Ø 3” – 4” – 5”

SWIVEL Ø3'' Code: 0785PHD806982
SWIVEL Ø4'' code: 0785PHD806978
SWIVEL Ø5'' Codice/ code: 0785PHD806975

SCHEDA 1101_snodi-rev 09-2011


Nuova MANARO swivels have been designed and built to work both with pressure and depressure for aircraft refuelling and they are designed for a great range of uses.

Technical features

Their peculiar construction do not require any kind of maintenance, the rotating parts are made of self-lubricating particular materials. The seals are made only of viton. The swivels are suitable to work at any kind of weather condition in a big range of temperatures and they are not subjected to any kind of corrosive attacks caused by atmospheric agents.

Dimensions: Ø 3’’- 4’’- 5’’
Construction material: stainless steel
Test pressure: 22 bar
Working temperature: from -40°C to 50°C

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