Elevating deck Code: 0785CAA813852
Elevating deck and installations Code: 0785CAA813431



The elevating platform is suitable for installation on any type of vehicle used for aircraft refuelling.

Technical features

The platform, with CE certification, is suitable to be used with N. 2 persons on it (max load 250 kg), and it has got the following characteristics:

Operation floor minimum size 1,00 x 2,20 m
Grilled walkable floor incorporated in the mobile part
Fixed protection handrail 1,00 m high and kick strip 150 mm high
The platform can reach an elevation of 3,20 metres (i.e. if installed on a dispenser the working floor reaches a height superior to 4.50 metres).
It is possible to maintain the platform in all intermediate positions.

The platform is operated through a cylinder moved by a hydraulic system.

The elevating platform is available also with facility installations.


Technical features

For the platform N. 2 hoses for refuelling of (63) mm 2”1/2 HD63-C, length 3,5m, suitable for Jet A1 conform to API 1529 C and EN 1361 latest issues specifications, working pressure (20)Kg/cm2 & tested at (40) Kg/cm2. A 2” ½ Carter Pressure Fuelling Nozzle make Carter model 64200 will be installed at the end of each refuelling hose.

N.2 2”1/2 pipes for transferring of the fuel to the platform, make and model ELAFLEX TW 75-E, 2.9 mt long conform to API 1529 C and EN 1361, latest edition, working pressure (20) Kg/cm² and tested up to (40) kg/cm².

Elevating control mounted on platform .

An accessible emergency override for lowering in the event of power failure

Safety valves against hydraulic pressure loss will be fitted to the lifting cylinders.

Distance control for lowering the platform in the event that the guard of the platform far away from the beneath surface of the wings of the aircraft in the security distance.

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