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The Nuova MANARO  Deadman Timer System is a unique system designed to prevent any possible operator negligence, since a timed deactivation with outlet predisposition for visual or sound alarm device connection is provided.

The Deadman TIMER is operated by a intrinsically safety NAMUR sensor (EEX-ia) incorporated in the handle.

The Nuova MANARO Deadman Timer System controls the pneumatic solenoid valve which in turn controls the deadman valve.

An intrinsic safety-barrier incorporated in TIMER Unit feeds the sensor which controls the timer circuit designed to deactivate approximately every 3 minutes.

Flow would then stop after this period unless the operator generates a reset signal.

To reset the TIMER it is sufficient to release and press again the handle.

In order to avoid automatic flow shut-down in normal operation, a prompt sound is generated from the TIMER unit 30 seconds before the interruption. This signal is used to generate either an audible or visual prompt, or both, so that the operator is reminded to reset.

The timer unit is fitted with three control leds to check the right functioning. When the deadman is activated the visual signal is triggered in a fixed way for 120 seconds, then it flashes for further 60 seconds all this works for a max time of 180 seconds.

The sound warning device is designed to give a discontinuous signal that is activated from the 120th second.

To reset the TIMER it is sufficient to release and to press again the handle within ½ second. Releasing the handle for more than ½ second the TIMER stops the delivery.

A reset signal can be generated at any time during the TIMER cycle whether prompted or not.

The Nuova MANARO electric Timer Deadman is very easily and quickly installed.

All the connections are routed to and from the Timer unit and the deadman installation can be made either inside the vehicle cab or in an external electrically safe area.

The Timer unit dimensions are very restrained:

Height:        60 mm

Width:   115 mm.
Length:  140 mm


- Ensure constant control of fuelling operation;
- Provides audible safety assurances;
- Easy to install;
- 24 Vdc or 12 Vdc application;
- Short circuit protection;
- EEX-ia II C CESI EX 95.D.0205 Certification

According to the following rules CENELEC EN 50.020 – EN 50.014
- Working temperature range: -40°C to +60°C;
- Protection degree: IP55.

At the moment the Nuova MANARO Deadman Timer System can be supplied together with the following components:

- one inlet TIMER unit for one control handle;
- two inlet TIMER units for two control handles. This version is used when the Customer wants to couple the electric deadman system installed
- in the refuelling station with additional handle fitted of 1,5 mt spiral cable to be mounted on the refuelling platform;
- handle with sensor fitted with 15 mt spiral extendible cable.
- polyurethane cable, bright yellow colour;
- waterproof alarm for sound warning, IP66;
- visual warning light explosion proof, green colour;
- visual warning tight inflammable vapour-proof light green colour, to install in open area, IP66;
- visual warning miniatured light, green colour, to install in the refuelling platform;
- kit for voltage increase from 12 Vdc to 24 Vdc, with cables and brackets, to be installed when a 12 Vdc feeding is used.

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